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This course is targeted toward undergraduate students who are looking for a unique capstone course where they can apply their knowledge to an industry-sponsored project.


One of the most important aspects of CAE education is real-world experience. Through SIMCenter's capstone course, students can do just that.

SIMCenter's capstone course is a multi-disciplinary program in which students can apply their knowledge to real-world problems. This is achieved by allowing students to work on authentic industry-sponsored projects.

These industry-sponsored projects develop students' professional skills including critical thinking, communication and open-ended problem solving. Students also gain firsthand experience using industry-standard software. The projects, which familiarize students with the link between simulations and experiments, focus on:

  • Structural analysis
  • Systems modeling
  • Computational fluid dynamics
Course Availability

MECHENG 4900 (Section 50-51) will be available in Spring 2019. Enrollment is by permission of the instructor, Emily Nutwell

Time Commitment
  • This course is 3 credit hours and lasts for two consecutive semesters (for example, if you are enrolled for Spring 2019, it will continue into Autumn 2019).
  • This course features a lecture and a lab that both occur once a week.
  • Students should commit at least 6 hours weekly to work outside of class (homework, studying, etc.).

You must be enrolled in MECHENG 5139, 5339 or 5539 during the semesters you are enrolled in this course.