This new course offering is an abbreviated version of the 10-week Foundations in Finite Element Principles class. This course is designed specifically for companies that are looking for a high-level overview of FEA fundamentals for a small group. When a minimum of five participants are registered, the course schedule will be announced. 

Course Learning Objectives

  • Recognized connections between theoretical concepts and modeling choices.
  • Pursue integrating CAE into their work.

What You'll Learn

  • Discuss modeling assumptions and the element stiffness matrix.
  • Boundary conditions, nodal Degrees of Freedom, element selection (line elements, plate elements, shell elements, and solid elements).

Course Format

  • 2 weeks delivered asynchronously with 3 synchronous sessions throughout the course.
  • Assignments are limited to multiple-choice quizzes and this course does not include homework or project assignments.


  • Preferably an engineering degree or related.
  • Some familiarity with calculus and linear algebra.


  • 1 week prior to agreed start date

REGISTRATION information

Available for groups of 5 or more.

Connect with us for course details!

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$500 per person

Those that take this course and want to continue on with the full ten-week course will receive a 20% discount on the full course