Graduate Students

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SIMCenter seeks the brightest students to work on demanding, yet rewarding projects. Students affiliated with SIMCenter have the opportunity to interact with industry leaders and use industry-standard tools, leading to excellent career prospects after graduation.

While graduate students are not directly supported by SIMCenter, they are supported by the faculty that conducts research through SIMCenter. Students who are interested in a certain area of computational engineering should approach faculty that works in these areas

After finishing their work at SIMCenter, many graduate students move on to careers at companies like Honda R&D Americas, General Motors, Delphi Technologies and others. Many recount their experience at SIMCenter as a key role in their success.

Student Perspectives

SIMCenter has been almost exclusively responsible for preparing me for my job at Honda R&D Americas, as I do not know of many other places at Ohio State I would have encountered the type of work I do.


My coursework has been a complement to my work here at SIMCenter over the past few years, instead of my work being a complement to my courses. I have interacted with industry many times over the years, gotten many viewpoints into automotive engineering as a whole, and developed invaluable skills which put me ahead of many of my peers who focused more on coursework as a means for acquiring skills.

- Clayton Thomas, Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Class of 2018

The work I did at SIMCenter is directly related to my job role as an engineer designing hybrid drive systems at Schaeffler Group.

I have gained the practical knowledge and skills required for this job from working on various projects at SIMCenter. Also, I got to improve my interpersonal skills by working in a professional environment such as SIMCenter, which will be useful in my future work life.

- Ullekh Gambhira, Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Class of 2018

My favorite thing about SIMCenter is the opportunity to interact with different industry partners. I have a job offer from Delphi Technologies as a functional safety engineer.

SIMCenter has definitely helped me prepare for this job. To start with, Dr. Midlam-Mohler recommended that I take the course Fault Diagnostics in Dynamical Systems, which makes the basis for this job. Dr. Tulpule helped me at times when I was in doubt with the project in the course.

The whole staff has been very supportive of my research as well as with any other concerns that I had.

- Kepin Kavathia, Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Class of 2018

Graduate students interested in using SIMCenter’s software resources should make a request through their advisor. If access to a particular software package is needed for a credit-bearing class, the request can be made through the course instructor.

Available for students Online Short Course: Introduction to LS-DYNA


This completely online short course introduces individuals to the nonlinear finite element solver (explicit time integration) offered by Livermore Software Technology Corporation (LSTC). It is designed for

engineers in industries such as automotive, aerospace, construction, or defense who are interested in implementing LS-DYNA into their workflow.

Individuals may enroll at any time. All coursework must be completed during (14) consecutive calendar days. During registration, students provide a date that they would like to begin the course. 

Course Fee:

$300 per person/non-student

Discounted pricing is available to students. Please contact the program for details at

For the full course description:…

If you have any questions regarding this program, please contact:

Emery Dravec
College of Engineering
(614) 247-8256