SIMCenter wants to help you gain access to expertise in simulation and modeling. We are a one-stop-shop, which starts with product development and will finish with testing in state-of-the-art facilities using cutting-edge equipment and instrumentation. SIMCenter will tailor its contract approach based on the type of work and ownership of intellectual property desired.

Engineering Services

Engineering services at SIMCenter provide high-quality engineering to clients who need support for routine modeling and simulation activities. Companies can expect quick project turnaround.

Research Projects

Research projects range in length and offer the option of intellectual property ownership. This type of engagement allows the production of more complex and inventive work products.

Research Projects with Tech Access

Research projects with a tech access fee (TAF) offer exclusive rights of ownership to all intellectual property resulting from the project. 


SIMCenter is dedicated to helping students and professionals develop mastery in advanced CAE tools. We offer a number of on-campus, off-campus and web-based methods to produce better-trained students and build increased capability in working professionals.


With our collaborative internship model, students continue developing the CAE skills they learned on internship while they’re back on campus taking classes. Companies can continue to collaborate with interns while the students work inhouse at SIMCenter. Each student is paired with a research staff member as a mentor and is permitted to work up to 20 hours a week. While serving as an effective recruiting tool, the program can decrease future training costs and support SIMCenter’s mission to prepare the next generation of engineers with advanced CAE skills. Learn more here.

Capstone Projects

Senior Capstone Design is an excellent opportunity to engage with engineering seniors in a variety of hands-on projects. SIMCenter works with a number of different on-campus capstone programs to support students needing additional expertise in simulation and modeling to complete their projects. Beyond that, our faculty and staff can serve as the advisor on projects in many different capstone themes if they have simulation content. This ensures that students have ready access to a CAE expert to guide them through the virtual product development cycle.

Certificate of Practice in CAE for working engineers

This program is specifically designed for working professionals and considers their unique needs. Utilizing a distance education format along with learning strategies that promote deep learning, this graduate-level program assists engineers in their development of using computer-aided engineering (CAE) tools to solve complex engineering problems. Click here to learn more about the course offerings.