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Luo Receives 2016 Best Paper Award

Alan Luo receiving plaque from Zi-Kui Liu of Penn State for Outstanding PaperAlan Luo receives a plaque for outstanding paper from Zi-Kui Liu of Penn State, editor-in-chief of “CALPHAD: Computer Coupling of Phase Diagrams and Thermochemistry."

Alan A. Luo, a professor whose home department is the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at The Ohio State University, was recognized for outstanding scholarship in the field of new material design methodology. He was honored at the 2016 CALPHAD conference in Japan for his outstanding contributions to new material design methodology.

Luo’s paper, titled “Material Design and Development: from Classical Thermodynamics to CALPHAD and ICME Approaches”, published in CALPHAD: Computer Coupling of Phase Diagrams and Thermochemistry, was recognized as the most outstanding paper published in 2015. In the paper, Luo provided an overview and examples of material design and development using classical thermodynamics; calculation of phase diagrams modeling (CALPHAD); and integrated computational materials engineering (ICME) approaches.

CALPHAD is known for promoting computational thermodynamics through development of models to represent thermodynamic properties for various phases which permit prediction of properties of multicomponent systems from those of binary and ternary subsystems, critical assessment of data and their incorporation into self-consistent databases, development of software to optimize and derive thermodynamic parameters and the development and use of databanks for calculations to improve understanding of various industrial and technological processes.