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SIMCenter at the Denman

Every spring Ohio State undergraduate student researchers have the opportunity to share their work with the community through the Denman Undergraduate Research Forum. Two of the students who participated in this year's forum have ties to SIMCenter.

Kelley Dugan's SIMCenter involvement started with one of the center's undergraduate internships her junior year. She worked with Soheil Soghrati's Automated Computational Mechanics Laboratory (ACML). By the end oKelley Dugan at the 2017 Denman Research Forumf the year she knew while she liked certain aspects of working in that lab, she wanted to find something more in line with her overall interests. Her senior year found her working with Scott Noll in the Acoustics and Dynamics Laboratory. Her project, Improved Models of Joined Sheet Metal Beam Structures for Vehicle Safety Studies fulfills a requirement for Honors Research Distinction. Kelley is set to graduate in May with her bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering. After graduation she will start with the Whirpool Engineering Rotational Leadship Development (WERLD) Program, a two year program that consists of six month rotations. At the end of the program she plans to attend graduate school."One of the reasons I chose to do a rotational program was because I want the challenge of consistently trying new things and I think being a part of SIMCenter has helped me prepare for that."

Carter Hurd at the 2017 Denman Research Forum

Carter Hurd, a Mechanical Engineering major, is currently completing his bachelor’s degree and has been working at the Design Innovation and Simulation Lab (DISL). Involved with robotics research at Ohio State since his freshman year, he had participated in robotics competitions during high school and did projects on his own during middle school. The research he presented at this year’s Denman, Variable Stiffness Robotic Arm Link for Safe Human-Robot Interaction Using Layer Jamming was part of his undergraduate thesis to fulfill the requirements for Honors Research Distinction. Carter is in the combined BS/MS program and for his graduate research is transitioning over to SIMCenter to work on a Honda project. "Cars are becoming very large robots, which is one of the reasons I’m excited to be working with the SIMcenter and Honda." With the project already underway, Carter is dividing his time this year with DISL and SIMCenter.