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Innovation News - Novel Dissimilar Metal Joining

A team led by Professor Wei Zhang recently invented a new way to cost-effectively join dissimilar metals.  The new technique uses ultrasonic plus resistance spot welding (U+RSW) to create high-strength joints between two sheet metals.  While automobile manufacturers are using more bi-metallic structures such as those made of aluminum and steel, a cost-effective way to join them had not yet been developed.

A feasibility study showed promising results and a provisional patent was filed.  Practical application of this technique extends beyond automotive industry to aerospace, healthcare and any other industry needing a quick, cost-effective method to join dissimilar metals.

Professor Zhang is currently seeking research partners to help move this technology forward.  For more information about Prof. Zhang’s research group visit the Integrated Computational Materials Engineering for Welding site.


Joint strength of 1-mm-thick AISI 1008 steel to 1-mm-thick AA 6061-T6 welded using the new ultrasonic plus resistance spot welding process