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Eight SIMCenter Graduate Students Graduating in August

The Simulation Innovation and Modeling Center (SIMCenter) will say goodbye to some familiar faces when eight of its graduate students finish their master’s programs at The Ohio State University in August.

The graduates are Carter Hurd, Clayton Thomas, Erin Clepper, Ullekh Gambhira, Kepin Kavathia, Suraj Sahu, Mohit Mandokhot and Vinay Ravi. As the August 5 commencement ceremony approaches, the students are polishing their final theses, which cover several topics and industries.

Sahu, whose thesis involves the development of a heat flux sensor for GE Appliances, said that his final thesis was one of his favorite projects because of the freedom he was allowed in the design of the product.

“I like my current project because it requires me to develop a new product based on my learning over my undergraduate and professional activities,” Sahu said. “Developing my own design and creating a prototype based on my own inputs and calculations provides a sense of ownership, and that’s what makes this project one of the best to work on.”

Multiple students expressed that SIMCenter Director Shawn Midlam-Mohler’s assistance was one of the best parts of working with SIMCenter. Thomas, whose thesis project focuses on the digital modeling and dynamic simulation for a high-fidelity 10-speed automatic transmission, was one of those students. He will begin a career at Honda R&D Americas after graduation.

“I can’t thank [Midlam-Mohler] enough for having me in the lab early on, even when I wasn’t yet useful to any projects,” Thomas said. “He’s been helpful to my development and an invaluable ally with respect to my projects and work opportunities.”

Following graduation, other students also have careers waiting for them. Hurd and Clepper focused on their work with the APEX project in their theses, which included the development of the interior of an autonomous vehicle with Honda R&D Americas. Hurd will have a position at General Motors after graduation, and Clepper said her project prepared her for her future position at Honda R&D Americas.

“I think all the networking I was able to do through SIMCenter and the APEX project was the most valuable,” Clepper said. “I have learned so much from working with all the companies involved with this project, and I have made many connections that I’m sure will be useful in my career at Honda.”

Kavathia said Midlam-Mohler and SIMCenter researcher Punit Tulpule helped him prepare for a position at Delphi Technologies as a functional safety engineer. Kavathia also said that SIMCenter’s connections with numerous industry partners were useful for gaining real-world experience.

Although many of the students expressed that the work for their final theses was challenging, all of them believed it was worthwhile. Gambhira, who has a position designing hybrid powertrains at Schaeffler Group after graduation, worked on multiple projects at SIMCenter, but he particularly enjoyed seeing his work succeed with the fast-paced EcoCAR3 project.

“I think the excitement and feeling of achievement due to working on such challenging projects is very valuable,” Gambhira said. “Also, my many positive and fun interactions with my advisers, lab mates and colleagues will be forever with me.”

By Jake Berg, SIMCenter marketing and communications student assistant

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