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Professor Alan A. Luo

Lab: Light Metals and Manufacturing Research Laboratory (LMMRL)


Alan Luo is Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and Integrated Systems Engineering (Manufacturing) at The Ohio State University (OSU).  Prof. Luo is also Director of OSU Light Metals and Manufacturing Research Laboratory (LMMRL) and on steering board of OSU Center for Simulation Innovation and Modeling (SIMCenter). Prof. Luo is an elected Fellow of ASM (American Society of Metals) and SAE (Society for Automotive Engineers). Prof. Luo is presently chair of TMS Light Metals Division and past chair of SAE Materials Engineering Division. He has 18 patents and more than 220 technical publications in advanced materials, manufacturing and applications.


Simulation Capabilities

Integrated computational materials engineering (ICME) from computational material design, manufacturing (solidification and solid-state) process simulation to performance simulation.

Experimental Capabilities

  • Advanced lightweight materials (Al, Mg, Ti alloys, high entropy alloys and metal matrix composites)
  • Innovative manufacturing processes (casting, forming and multi-material manufacturing)
  • Lightweight design and applications.