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Professor Wei Zhang

Lab: Integrated Computational Materials Engineering for Welding (ICME-W)


The mission of ICME-W is to advance the science and technology of welding and additive manufacturing processes.  A strong focus is solving industry-relevant challenges through advanced modeling and experimental methods.


Simulation Capabilities:

  • Multi-physical modeling of heat transfer, fluid flow, stress and distortion during welding and additive manufacturing.  Processes include resistance spot welding, mash seam welding, inertia friction welding, arc welding, laser powder bed fusion and laser directed energy deposition additive manufacturing.
  • Modeling of microstructure and properties for weldments of high-strength steels, Ti alloys and nickel-base superalloys.
  • Development of high-temperature constitutive/plasticity models for advanced alloys.
  • Simulation codes: Abaqus, Deform, LS-Dyna, Ansys Fluent, Flow-3D, HyperMesh, Thermo-Calc, and Dictra.

Experimental Capabilities:

  • High-temperature mechanical testing including hot tension, hot torsion, creep and creep-fatigue testing.
  • High speed video, digital image correlation (DIC) and infrared thermography (IR) measurements during welding and additive manufacturing.

Process simulation for resistance spot welding of dissimilar or bi-metallic joint of aluminum alloy to high-strength steel