Peiyu Yang


Office Hours:

Monday and Wednesday 3 p.m. - 4 p.m.

Simulation Capabilities:

  • Developing numerical models and simulating behaviors on metals, composites, spot welds, adhesives, etc. in LS-DYNA
  • Failure predictions on various materials
  • Plasticity study

Experimental Capabilities:

  • Static and dynamic testing on various materials including on metals and composites by using MTS hydraulic load frame and split Hopkinson bar (SHB); 2D/3D digital image correlation (DIC) application for deformation measurement

Recent Projects:

  • Material characterization and failure modeling on high strength steels
  • Plasticity study on oil drum material; simulation on oil drum drop test
  • Structural analysis on dishwasher parts and assembly; correlation between experiments and simulation
  • Design of high speed spot weld coupon and component tests using SHB concept​