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Professor Ryan L. Harne

Lab: Laboratory of Sound and Vibration Research (LSVR)


The LSVR excels at integrating theoretical, computational, and experimental efforts to investigate problems pertaining to vibrations, acoustics, mechanics, and nonlinear dynamics. Our applications are to noise/vibration control; engineered material systems and adaptive structures for exceptional mechanical and dynamic properties; aerospace/automotive structural dynamics prediction in extreme and nonlinear operating environments; vibration-based energy harvesting and power generation; and creating innovative sensors and sensing methods for high sensitivity structural/material monitoring. Through our comprehensive research strategy, our works produce conclusive discoveries that have been highlighted in prestigious journals, have received public media recognition, and have received scientific community awards.

Simulation Capabilities

The LSVR leverages finite element software ABAQUS and COMSOL for multiphysics modeling of linear and nonlinear structural and material behaviors. These models inform and guide experimental validations, where the latter result in model improvements through the experiential insight.

Experimental Capabilities

From 5 to 500 N capacity electrodynamic shakers to one-of-a-kind fabrication equipment via laser cutters, 3D printers and elastomer molding apparatus, the LSVR harnesses experimental resources with care and attention to detail to yield experimental data sets with high repeatability and data quality. Moreover, the LSVR employs a portable and deployable mini anechoic chamber for field experiments in acoustics.Please see for full details on experimental capabilities of the LSVR.