Zhenyu Wang


Email: wang.8516@osu.edu

Office Hours:

Tuesday and Wednesday 1 p.m. - 2 p.m.

Simulation Capabilities:

  • 9+ years of experience in the CFD analysis of aerodynamics (e.g., vertical-axis wind turbine aerodynamics, vehicle drag reduction), acoustics (e.g., hydrodynamic noise prediction of centrifugal pump, sunroof buffeting noise reduction, axial cooling fan noise reduction), heat transfer (refrigerated sales cabinet), combustion (torch burner) and hemodynamics (mechanical heart valve)

Software Proficiency

  • ANSYS Fluent
  • PTC Creo
  • ICEM
  • CFD
  • Tecplot
  • Altair HyperWorks

Experimental Capabilities:

  • 5+ years of experience in experimental fluid dynamics (e.g., horizontal-axis wind turbine aerodynamics) and aeroacoustics (e.g., axial cooling fan noise reduction)
  • Proficient in Particle Image Velocimetry (2-D PIV and Stereoscopic PIV), Velocity and Pressure Measurement Techniques

Honda Pilot Acoustics

Recent Projects:

  • Evaluation of the Vibro-Acoustic Software – Wave 6
  • A Numerical Study on Automotive Grille Tonal Noise
  • Numerical Study of Trailing Edge Serrations on Sunroof Buffeting Noise Reduction
  • Innovative Design on the Performance Improvement for a Vertical-Axis Wind Turbine at Low Tip-Speed-Ratios
  • Model-Supported Heat-Flux Sensor Development
  • Combined Fluid, Structural, and Acoustic Simulation of Dishwasher Noise and Vibration
  • Torch Burner Combustion Modeling
  • Simulation of Mechanical/Transcatherter Aortic Valves

Selected Publications:

Z. Wang; Q. Henricks; M. Zhuang; A. Pandey; M. Sutkowy; B. Harter; M. McCrink; J. Gregory. Impact of Rotor–Airframe Orientation on the Aerodynamic and Aeroacoustic Characteristics of Small Unmanned Aerial Systems. Drones 2019, 3, 56.

Z. Wang, Y. Wang and M. Zhuang. Improvement of the Aerodynamic Performance of Vertical-Axis Wind Turbines with Leading-Edge Serrations and Helical Blades Using CFD and Taguchi Method. Energy Conversion and Management, 177, 2018, 107-121.

Z. Wang, W. Tian and H. Hu. A Comparative Study on the Aeromechanic Performances of Upwind and Downwind Horizontal-Axis Wind Turbines. Energy Conversion and Management, 2018, 100-110.

Z. Wang, W. Tian, A. Ozbay and H. Hu. An Experimental Investigation on the Aeromechanic Performances and Wake Characteristics of an Innovative Dual-Rotor Wind Turbine. Energy, 2018, 94-109.

Z. Wang and M. Zhuang. Leading-Edge Serrations for Performance Improvement on a Vertical-Axis Wind Turbine at Low Tip-Speed-Ratios. Applied Energy, 2017, 1184-1197.

Z. Wang, A. Kimbrell and M. Zhuang. A Numerical Study on Automotive Grille Tonal Noise. NAFEMS World Congress, 2017. (Best Paper of Practical Use of Simulation Technology)

Z. Wang and M. Zhuang, A Numerical Study of Trailing Edge Serration on Sunroof Buffeting Noise Reduction. SAE Int. J. Veh. Dyn., Stab., and NVH, 1(2):2017.

Z. Wang, W. Tian, A. Ozbay, A. Sharma, H. Hu. An Experimental Study on the Aeromechanics and Wake Characteristics of a Novel Twin-Rotor Wind Turbine in a Turbulent Boundary Layer Flow. Experiments in Fluids, 57(9), 2016.