Software available with a SIMCenter account

The following list includes software that is available to Ohio State University faculty and students with a SIMCenter account.  Additional resources are available through the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO). Learn more here. Restrictions may apply.

Software alphabetical by name Software company
Abaqus CAE Dassault Systemes
ACP Ansys
Additive Ansys
ANSYS Discovery Suite Ansys
ANSYS Icepak  Ansys
ANSYS Viewer  Ansys
Aqwa Ansys
BasicFEA    Altair 
BatchMesher  Altair 
CarSim  MSC
Chemkin Ansys
COMSOL Multiphysics 5.5 COMSOL
DC Evaluator Ansys
Design Point Service  Ansys
ElectroMagnetics Suite  Ansys
EnSight Ansys
Feko + WinProp      Altair 
fe-safe  Dassault Systemes
Fluid Dynamics Ansys
Forte Ansys
GT-SUITE  Gamma Technologies
GT-TAITherm Gamma Technologies
HyperCrash  Altair 
HyperGraph  Altair 
HyperLife  Altair 
HyperMesh   Altair 
HyperMesh Desktop  Altair 
HyperStudy    Altair 
HyperView  Altair 
HyperView Player  Altair 
HyperWorks  Altair 
HyperWorks CFD  Altair 
LS-PrePost-4.6-x64 Ansys
MATLAB  MathWorks
Mechanical  Ansys
Mechanical APDL  Ansys
Meshing Ansys
MotionView  Altair 
NoMagic Dassault Systemes
Procast ESI
Remote Solve Manager Ansys
Siemens NX Siemens
STAR-CCM+ Siemens
Nastran Siemens
Simcenter Prescan Siemens
Simpack Dassault Systemes
Simufact Mechanical Simulation
SIMULIA Isight Dassault Systemes
SOLIDWORKS  Dassault Systemes
Synopsys Simpleware  Synopsys
System Coupling  Ansys
TASS Prescan Siemens
Tc Unified Siemens
Tecplot 360 EX  Tecplot
Tecplot Chorus  Tecplot
Tecplot RS  Tecplot
Tosca Fluid GUI Dassault Systemes
Tosca Structure GUI Dassault Systemes
Tosca View Dassault Systemes
Workbench  Ansys