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Systems Modeling and Simulation (SMS) Basics for Managers provides those with leadership positions within their organization an introduction to Systems Modeling and Simulation (SMS), the value of SMS, as well as both a business perspective and an operations perspective on the challenges and essentials to deploy SMS.

What you'll learn

  • Ability to describe trends and challenges relative to SMS as part of Digital Transformation initiatives of businesses. Relevant examples from the automotive industry will be presented.
  • Recognize the value and influence of the three basic pillars to Digital Transformation, namely Organization, Process, and Technology. 
  • Realize the urgency of SMS adoption to remain or become a viable market leader.  
  • Appreciate the fundamental benefits and challenges associated with adopting Systems Modeling and Simulation best practices and journey forward.
  • Develop a framework to accelerate future topic exploration with regards to SMS within your organization.

Delivery: 100% online
Course dates: Contact us
Duration: 2 weeks
Time commitment: 12.5 hours
Fee: $980

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This course builds on the concepts presented in SMS Basics for Managers by explaining Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) without using the traditional “V model” and clarifying model-based definitions and their role within the engineering landscape.

What you'll learn

  • Explain model-based-x (MBx) principles and applicability.
  • Recognize the challenges they may face within their organization in implementing and deploying MBSE.
  • Define commonly used MBSE terms with clear definitions.
  • Effectively apply this common language within their organization thereby reducing the confusion within and across departments and divisions.

Course Offering Dates:

Delivery: 100% online
Course dates: Contact us
Duration: 2 weeks
Time commitment: 9 hours
Fee: $980

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The final course in the SMS Track for Managers introduces the Digital Twin. Topics include the digital twin’s role within a business environment and the maturity levels of the digital twin.

What you'll learn

  • Describe the systems engineering “V” and explain its implications.
  • Identify critical, existing, and emerging standards necessary for successful digital transformation deployment.
  • Detail the different maturity levels for the digital twin.
  • Recognize the necessary requirements to achieve each level of digital twin maturity.
  • Accurately define and appropriately apply a digital twin framework within your organization.

Delivery: 100% online
Course dates: Contact us
Duration: 2 weeks
Time commitment: 11 hours
Fee: $980

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